The Shop 

As projects are completed, non commissioned pieces and one-offs will be available in the online shop. 



Right now we are accepting commission work - please email us for more information.

Skill Building

As I build out the site I will continue to have various contributors post skill building videos and how-to posts. I am also exploring group class offerings and workshop skills classes. 



Please email us for more information on class offerings. 



Wholesale Products

We currently offer the following products for wholesale customers:

  1. SXC Line Bar Boards w/ Storage Bags (minimum order 10)

  2. SXC Line Bottle Openers (minimum order 12)

  3. Saw and Crossbones Board Wax (Minimum order Case of 24 large)

  4. Nautical Line Cutting Boards (minimum order is 6)

Please email for more information. All Local wholesale customers will get a custom cutting board rack. Wholesale orders can be custom branded for a fee. It is always the customer’s choice if they want the Saw & Crossbones or SXC logo on the board.